Top Tips: Onboarding new recruiting team members

Onboarding a recruiter right can have a huge multiplier effect. Not only will they hire sooner, but they’ll hire more aligned candidates. Starting out on the right foot can even positively impact retention rates down the line, so it’s definitely something worth putting some effort into. Use the points below to get recruiters ramped up right.

  1. Don’t spoon-feed – Create a balance between information that’s given to your new recruiter and things that they need to seek out for themself. Assign then missions: have them seek out 5-10 recent hires and ask them about their hiring process and why they joined, or name 6 must-meet people in the company – these might be members of the leadership team, old timers, subject matter experts – have them book time with each of person within their first 6 weeks.
  2. Right information at the right time – Don’t bombard them with everything they’ll need to know on the first couple of days. Try to space out the information so they get it when they need it.
  3. No surprises! Your onboarding information should build on the information they learned about your company from their own recruiting process.
  4. Great expectations – Share your goals and targets for them and for the team. Have them write their own, where do they hope to be in 3 months time? 12 months time? Share with them the codes of conduct, and cultural norms in your workplace, “It’s fine to wear flip flops, but Green Bay Packers shirts are frowned upon.”
  5. Assign an onboarding buddy – This could be another member of your talent team, or a well-connected colleague from outside the team.
  6. Meet regularly – Set the expectation that you are going to regularly check-in and give and receive feedback. A fresh pair of eyes can give you a new perspective on your day to day operations. You can touch base for 5 minutes at the end of each day. for the first week. At the end of each week for the first month or two. After that you’ll catch up during your regular one on one meetings.
  7. Shadow – Have them shadow recruiters and candidates throughout the process. They can listen in on other recruiters’ phone screens, be a fly-on-the-wall for in-person interviews, attend interview debriefs. It’s so important to hear the thought process behind pursuing or rejecting a candidate.
  8. Get them recruiting as soon as possible – Sure, it can feel daunting to get started on phone screens when they’re barely in the door themselves, but they’ll learn it all much sooner. Stay close in case of questions.
  9. Use real life situations to knowledge share – Team meetings and stand ups are rich with scenarios to talk through. This really accelerates new hires’ understanding of your company’s values, dynamics, priorities and culture.
  10. Announce their arrival – You should introduce them to the company – perhaps an email with their bio. And they should update any social media they use: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc to announce they’ve joined the team. It’s just possible they’ll pique someone’s interest and you’ll get an extra hire.

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