Internal communications plan: 6 Reasons your talent team needs one

Talent teams are used to being an interface between their own company and the outside world: attending conferences, meet-up groups, marketing efforts, showing up at open source nights, and career fairs. In recent years recruitment marketing has become more sophisticated than ever, but some of the most critical communication you can do is within your own company. Here are 6 big reasons you need an internal communication plan.

  1. Amplify your efforts
    • Focus your most valuable asset – your colleagues – on the most useful activities they can be doing. Have a report you send to your leadership team? Why not share that more widely as part of a weekly newsletter? Share your list of open roles to get more relevant referrals. People can’t help if they don’t know what you need.
    • Share your goals. Want to decrease your time to hire this quarter? Let everyone know they can help by getting their interview notes in promptly and not rescheduling interviews.
  2. Recognize contributions
    • Has someone gone above and beyond in the name of recruiting? Maybe they did 30 code reviews last week, or stayed late on their birthday to interview a candidate. Give them some props! You can send out an employee of the week email – saying what the person did and how it helped you, put a piece in your newsletter, give awards at your monthly all hands meeting. You might even inspire others to go the extra mile.
  3. Training and reminders
    • Pick some training topics, e.g. networking at events or creating an elevator pitch for your company, and write short do’s and don’ts for them.
    • Share your Glassdoor reviews, the good ones and the bad ones – this keeps it real – along with some interview tips. It’s no substitute for proper interview training, but it’s a really efficient way to (re)cover some basics.
  4. Continuous improvement
    • Get feedback and then act on it! Ask new hires ow their process was, what went well for them and what could have gone better. Ask regular interviewers what they need from you. Showing that you’re listening will further engage your colleagues. The more engaged they are, the better their ideas will be.
  5. Save time
    • There’s a reason FAQs exist. They reduce time-consuming back and forth answering the same question 37 times a week. Create one for your talent team and make sure people know where to find it and your team is empowered to edit it.
  6. Keep recruiting front and center
    • Although you eat, sleep, dream recruiting, chances are your colleagues don’t. They’ll need gentle reminders to tweet that open job, blog about your great company culture, or network at hack nights to find new talent.

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